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On the basis of our deep knowledge about valves and processes in different industries, our German engineers are capable to support our customers to optimize their own applications. With a professional project management we help from the first draft through the qualification process until the serial production. One of the most efficient solutions are the "system valves". As system valves we describe components that combine a variety of functions or individual valves in a compact assembly group. Explore some examples!

All system solutions are "Designed in Germany" and manufactured in Germany or China.

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The Water Wall

Optimization for PET Blowing Machines

The water wall is used for controlling and monitoring of cooling water in the production process of PET blow molding machines. The targets of the new plant component were ambitious:

  • fulfilment of the legal requirements,

  • reduction of the component size to decrease the total size of the machine,

  • design for different machine typess to achieve higher quantities of identical components and to reduce the number of variants,

  • saving of costs by at least 20%,

  • improved and simplified assembly on site,

  • less maintenance.

The result: The size could be reduced by 50% in the first step, the amount of parts was reduced from 111 parts to 1 wall, that is now assembled at MIT in Germany or China. With the next machine generations the amount of different "water walls" was decreased to 2, with optimized valves.


Heavy oil separation

with intelligent system solutions

The customer's task: Integrate 9 individual valves into one system to save space!
The result: A single valve, that combines six functions, is very compact and reduces costs by 50%!
The valve is used for mineral separation in the shipping industry.
The advantages:

  • one component reduces the procurement effort to a minimum

  • less ressources for the supplier support

  • reduce your own stock significantly.

  • Even the installation effort is reduced sigificantly.

  • increase in process reliability, because failures due to poor compability of the components are excluded

MIT delivers ONE working system, assembled either in China or in Germany.

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