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Take advantage of our great welding and assembly possibilities under German supersivion

Take advantage of our welding and assembly departments, our quality control under German supervision as well as the highly trained employees in Wuhan, ready for your small and medium batches (OEM). For MIT Germany‘s international customers who produce in China we can also provide the same system solutions they buy from the German MIT headquarter with localized parts.

If you want to get in touch with the German headquarter, you find more information and contacts on www.systemarmaturen.de.

Product Examples


oem welding parts for your applications

Welding components

  • From small sizes up to big pipes, from precise TIG welding of thin tubes to multi-layer weldments, also with special SAE flanges, with pressure up to 100bar.

  • Different variants and sizes of welded frames, flanges, thermowells and parts of pipings.

  • Focused on small and medium-sized batches.


Welding components
for Food & Pharma

  • Hoppers and tanks, with high quality surfaces (polished, e-polished, grinded, painted)

  • smooth surfaces inside and outside

  • Heating jackets for ball valves, pipes, hoppers and tanks

  • Under consideration of standards like FDA, PED and many more.


Welding plus Assembly

  • Fully assembled component groups, consisting of welded and screwed parts, manual driven and automated valves, sensors and fittings. Also with isolation.

  • 100% tested: leakage-free, gas-tight, pressure-tested, fully documented
    (on demand)

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Welding and assembly / OEM products