3/2-way direct acting solenoid valve

Basic description

  • 3/2-way seat valve

  • directly operated

  • female thread acc. to ISO228

  • duty cycle 100% (VDE0580)

  • upright solenoid position recommended

application range

  • viscosity 22mm²/s

  • medium temperature -10°C up to +130°C

  • ambient temperature -10°C up to +50°C

  • working pressure from 0bar, no pressure difference required

  • IP65 (with correctly installed connector socket)

  • for hot and cold water, oil and air pressure

  • preferred valve for pneumatic actuators

MIT solenoid valves are designed for continous operations (100% duty cycle = power-on time) under normal operating conditions. The power of a solenoid coil is influenced by three conditions:

  • the self-heating of the solenoid,

  • the medium temperature,

  • the ambient temperature.

Please specify the voltage with your order: 230V-AC, 24V-DC (other voltage on request).

The tube is also available with a G1/8" connector.


 datasheet (English)


for this type of valve

normally open

valve ope in basic position (not energized)


chemically nickel-plated body

manual override

option for valves up to nominal size 3mm, standard for bigger size


NPT thread instead of ISO thread


free from oil and grease