individual configured system blocks

for cooling applications
21. November 2018 durch
individual configured system blocks
Christian Buck

On the CIPM 2018 in Wuhan we introduced our brand-new system solutionMany machines need water for cooling and temperature regulations. The common way is to connect to the public water supply (6 bar, 1/2”), reduce the pressure flow and temperature to the desired values, and allocate to one or more places inside the machine. A lot of different small valves and fittings are used to design this process.

No need any more to…

  • assemble many valves and fittings and waste assembly time

  • waste huge space for the allocation inside the machine

  • design an individual block and pay high design cost

  • spend much time to qualify the individual designed product

Application range:
Dosing | water treatment | Bakery machines | tooling machines | injection moulding | …


A typical configuration for cooling water

What is your design?

This configuration shows a typical process: the incoming water passes a ball valve to open or close your inlet cooling water. The integrated strainer cleans the water to protect the valves. The pressure reducer is used to set the individual pressure for your application, displayed on the manometer. Then the water is distributed to two outlets, that are opened and closed by solenoids valves.

The basic data:

  • Medium temp: -10°C up to +80°C

  • Size: DN15 (G1/2”)

  • Working pressure: 0-6bar

  • Material: brass / CW614N

Comparison of a typical standard solution and system block



1 ball valve, 1 strainer, 1 pressure reducer, 2 solenoid valves, 8 fittings = 13 parts + assembly time (seal 14x)


1 ball valve with integrated strainer, 1 pressure reducer, 2 solenoid valves = 4 parts + assembly with bolts/screws


Odoo CMS - a big picture
individual configured system blocks
Christian Buck 21. November 2018
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